Experience Several Years worth of Social Confidence, Skill & Attraction in Several Months...

The Guide to Social Confidence Virtual Boot Camp

The guide to social confidence boot camp is a supremely high value, premium product at a price you'll hardly notice...

The Virtual Boot Camp is a much larger programme than ‘The People's Coach Guide to Social Confidence Audio Pack'.

The virtual boot camp is your complete guide to becoming socially confident, skilled and attractive. It is a seventeen week programme (4 months) that will lead you step by step, hand in hand through the process of becoming socially confident, attractive, comfortable in who you are, skilled at meeting new people and effortlessly connecting with them in a way that is deep, natural and honest.

When you enrol on ‘The Guide to Social Confidence Virtual Boot Camp' you will receive a combination of weekly emails and professionally recorded audio downloads designed by our highly skilled, experienced and respected team of international coaches. These weekly instalments will act as your virtual coach for the fourteen weeks breaking down your limiting self beliefs, boosting your confidence, teaching you powerful social skills, setting you weekly tasks and providing you with some remarkable life changing breakthroughs that will stay with you long term.

In a nutshell, The Guide to Social Confidence Virtual Boot Camp will help you experience several years' worth of development in several months...

Who are my Virtual Coaches?

Steven Burns

steven burnsKnown as ‘The People's Coach', Steven is the director of one of the leading NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Training and Coaching companies in Scotland, Solutions in Mind.

He is a sought after speaker and, amongst others, has presented at Yes group Scotland, Stirling University, CIPD Fife, the institute of fund raisers and various different marketing groups throughout Scotland.

Following the ending of a long term relationship, Steven has spent the last 2 years of his life researching social anxiety, shyness, social confidence and the dating scene. Amongst other projects he now helps people become more socially confident through a unique blend of coaching, social skills training and social experience.

Peta Heskell

Peta HeskellPeta (known as the original ‘flirt coach') has trained with some of the world's top personal development mentors including Richard Bandler, Joseph Riggio, John LaValle and Tony Robbins.

She is a licensed trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] and one of only a few licensed Mythoself-tm facilitators in the world. She will show you how to attract the right person for you and she does this in a way that you will find easy, fun and enjoyable.

Described as the "Wild Woman of NLP" by John la Valle (Richard Bandlers co-trainer) Peta runs weekend courses in Europe and the USA helping both sexes access their very best and learn how to flirt your way to success. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes including GMTV, Richard and Judy, Big Brother, Pop Stars the Rivals, This Morning, Open House, Kilroy, Trisha, and over 40 other shows in the last five years. Channel 4 also made a documentary about the Flirting Academy in 1999. Over the last 10 years. She is the author of 4 bestselling books and has personally helped thousands of people in her workshops and individual consultations to find the life they want.

Owen Fitzpatrick

owen fitzpatrickOwen Fitzpatrick is co-author of "Conversations" with Dr Richard Bandler. He is one of Europe's top Motivational Speakers, Personal Development Trainers and the youngest ever Licensed NLP Master Trainer in the world (of which there are only a handful).

In this specially written report Owen will outline the three main fears (embarrassment, rejection and failure) that hold people back from being confident, comfortable and achieving the kinds of things in life they want. He will then help you blow away these fears in a way that is easy, fun and enjoyable...

Owen is a qualified Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. He has a Masters in Psychology, he has trained people in Ireland, Britain, Europe, Mexico, India and the United States of America and has his own T.V programme in Ireland called ‘Not enough hours'.

Since becoming the youngest ever qualified Hypnotherapist at 17, Owen has worked continuously with those suffering from depression, fears, phobias, panic attacks, shyness and relationship problems helping them to own their brains and change their lives. He's now worked individually with thousands of people in these areas and countless more in his trainings. He is recommended by and has co-trained with Dr Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP and best selling author).

Owen has also trained extensively with some of the best NLP trainers in the world such as John Le Valle, Tony Robbins, Judith Delozier, Eric Robbie, Michael Breen and Paul McKenna. Owens sharp sense of humour, his amazing ability to teach complex subjects in simple ways and his powerful inspirational energy in teaching and training are some of the reasons why he is regarded, by many in the field, as one of the best NLP trainers in Europe.

Ahsan Mustafa

Ashan MustafaAhsan Mustafa is the author of the book, 'the natural man', and one of the most sought after confidence coaches in Europe today.

He has been a professional martial arts instructor for several years, running a successful taekwondo school, and has spoken at personal development conferences in Prague, Birmingham and London.

Ahsan holds a law degree but his true passion is in discovering and unleashing people's true potential. His commitment to self-improvement and lifestyle development have led him on a relentless journey. He has perfected the art of human interactions and teaches a fresh approac built on the foundations of structured interactions combined with delicate social calibration, incorporating his intensive martial arts training into his teachings and exudes a powerful subtle confidence. Ahsan is a solid rock of support for anyone desiring to improve their social confidence and charisma.

Ali Campbell

Ali Campbell is one of the world's leading life coaches; he has built an enviable reputation as a highly motivational Coach, Therapist, Author and Presenter.

Ali is the creator of the internationally acclaimed weight loss solution 'The Slim Girls Box of Secrets' and author of 'Just Get On With It - A caring compassionate kick up the ass published this year by Hay House

A Trusted advisor to celebrities, business leaders and even royalty. Ali is dubbed 'Mr Fix it' and widely featured in the media, on television, radio and in print. He is uniquely placed to assist you in reaching your goals.

Virtual Boot Camp Week by Week Breakdown...

The Guide to Social Confidence Virtual Boot Camp is a 4 month long programme (17 weeks) crammed full of life changing information, tools, techniques, exercises and audio downloads carefully sequenced to give you the maximum benefit long term. The programme is made up of 17 weekly instalments and consists of the following:

Week One (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

The Internal Value & Self Worth Booster audio programme... (50 minutes, contains eyes closed process)

Learn how to significantly raise your internal sense of value and self worth right now and over time. Radiate this value to the people around you from the inside out...

Week Two (Owen Fitzpatrick NLP Master Trainer)

Overcoming the Three main fears that hold you back... (E-Lesson)

Overcome the fears of embarrassment, failure and rejection and feel more liberated around people.

Week Three (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

Let go of social fears audio programme... (40 minutes, contains eyes closed process)

By listening to this professionally recorded 40 minute audio recording you will be guided through the process of letting go of those unnecessary social fears and anxieties. This can be applied to any situation involving people, whether it is a work situation, a day/night out, meeting a group of strangers or speaking to someone you are attracted to.

Week Four (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

The secrets of leaving a lasting positive impression on people... (20 page coaching e-book)

By listening to this professionally recorded 40 minute audio recording you will be guided through the process of letting go of those unnecessary social fears and anxieties. This can be applied to any situation involving people, whether it is a work situation, a day/night out, meeting a group of strangers or speaking to someone you are attracted to.

Week Five (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

The Magic of the Outside Check... (10 page coaching e-book)

Learn the secrets of how to take your attention from the inside to where it is meant to be when you are speaking to people (on the outside).

Week Six (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

Achieving Deep Natural Connection... (55 minute audio & eyes closed Process)

Connect deeply with people conversationally, behaviourally and from the inside out in a way that is natural, honest and authentic.

Week Seven (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

The Art of Graceful Conversation... (15 page coaching e-book)

Learn how to talk to anyone, irrespective of who it is or what the situation is. Learn the secrets of the masterful conversationalists and develop the ability to have conversations that people remember.

Week Eight (Peta Heskell, aka ‘The original Flirt Coach')

The secrets of being at your very best and most attractive... (15 page coaching E-Book)

Tap into that blissful sliver of space where you are completely at your best, being yourself and responding effectively and naturally to everything that comes in your way.

Week Nine (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

Supreme Social Confidence Audio Programme... (45min, contains Eyes Closed Process)

Influence the feelings and physical sensations in your body and develop states of confidence and certainty. Learn how to transfer these powerful new feelings to the times and places you want to.

Week Ten (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

Being Yourself: Embracing your magnificent uniqueness... (15 page Coaching E-Book)

Learn one of the most important fundamentals of relating and connecting with people...How to strike that magical balance between 'fitting in' and, at the same time, embracing your own unique, magnificent self.

Week Eleven (Ahsan Mustafa Leading Scottish Confidence & Dating Coach)

The secrets of Attraction... (15 page coaching e-book)

One of Europe's leading Confidence & Dating Coaches Coach Ahsan Mustafa will teach you how to become irresistibly attractive irrespective of looks, age or gender.

Week Twelve (Ali Campbell, Celebrity Life coach)

Just Do it confidently - The Real Secrets of inner Confidence & Being Authentic... (35 minute audio programme)

One of the UK's and vastly becoming the world's best know life Coach, Ali Campbell, shares with you his secrets to what really works when it comes to having true inner confidence irrespective of where you are or with whom.

Week Thirteen (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

The Power of sexuality... (45 minute audio with eyes closed process & 10 page Coaching eBook)

Add a new dimension to the way you come across to people by harnessing the power of your own sexuality. By being more sexual you will find yourself becoming significantly more attractive in general and able (if this is your goal) to seamlessly shift a relationship to a more sexual place.

Week Fourteen (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

Elevating your Social Value and attractiveness... (15 page coaching e-book)

Learn how to significantly elevate your social standing and the amount of value other people perceive you to have.

Week Fifteen (Owen Fitzpatrick NLP Master Trainer)

The art of Story Telling... (15 page Coaching E-Book)

One of the world's leading NLP, personal development and motivational trainers, Owen Fitzpatrick gives you a master class on interpersonal storytelling. You will learn how to excite, fascinate, inspire and enthuse, in a way that can often mesmerize the people you are talking to.

Week Sixteen (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

The Social Skills Accelerator... (45 minute Audio Programme with eyes closed process & 10 page coaching e-book)

Rapidly improve your level of social skills by making use of a powerful psychological process. Learn new skills in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Week Seventeen (Steven Burns, NLP Trainer & Coach)

End of Boot Camp Review... (15 page coaching e-book)

Pull together all you have learned and make plans for your new confident future.

Free Trial

We know you'll love the Virtual Boot Camp and find it a transformational experience...So much so we would like you to try it out free of charge for the first two weeks. Because your credit card will not be charged for 10 days you will receive the first two weeks of the Boot Camp free of charge (the first week is delivered immediately). That way you can 'try before you buy'.

Virtual Boot Camp Cost...

The full 4 month premium Virtual Boot Camp costs £59.97 but here's the thing...We won't even ask you to pay it up front. We've set up a recession helping monthly payment plan so you'll hardly even notice it financially. All you'll pay is £14.99 per month for four months...Also, your first payment will not be taken for 10 days due so that you can enjoy the first two weeks for free.

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