The Five Keys to Overcome Social Anxiety

In order to overcome social anxiety it’s useful to have an overall strategy that you can work to. Here are our 5 steps for overcoming social anxiety with links to some relevant articles. We are continually adding free articles and lessons so we recommend you bookmark the site and subscribe to our community by popping your details in the box on the top right of the page.

Step 1 : Let go of the Labels...

  • Realise that Social Anxiety is not a thing it’s a collection of limiting beliefs you have bought into and unhelpful strategies that result in you feeling negative feelings in social situations.
  • Realise that You are not broken! you work perfectly, like a well oiled machine...It may not feel like it but the brain is designed to work well in whatever direction it is set up in...It's not that you are broken, faulty or need 'fixed'...its that you are working really well in the wrong direction.

For a more detailed article on this first step check out: The 1st step for overcoming Social Anxiety.

Step 2 : Let go of 'The Illusion of Low Social Value' & other limiting beliefs...

As was mentioned above Social Anxiety is a collection of limited beliefs and illusions you have bought into and unhelpful strategies you play through that have resulted in feeling unnecessary negative feelings about yourself and in social situations. The main one of these is normally 'The illusion of low social value'. By starting to see through 'The illusion of Low Social Value' and any other limiting beliefs you have in relation to people you will start to see your own true self worth and value as a person and make the realization that you are completely good enough and worthy around people...This realization neutralizes most of you social fears and will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed around people.

For more information on 'The illusion of Low Social Value' check out the article: The Structure of Social Anxiety.

For a more detailed article on limiting social beliefs and where they come from check out: The Origin of Social Fear.

These articles are a great start, however if you want to make some serious progress check and boost your sense of self worth and value check out The People's coach guide to Social Confidence CD Kit.

Step 3 : Learn how to influence your feelings & run your own Brain...

Despite what most people think you can actually run your own brain and influence the feelings and physical sensations in your body. This is one of the most important things you can learn to do even if you do not experience social anxiety.

If you do it becomes even more important. While letting go of your limiting beliefs and avoiding buying into 'The illusion of low Social Value' will neutralize most of your social fears, its also useful to learn how to generate feelings of confidence, strength relaxation or whatever else you want to feel. In today's society we are continually met with challenges in one shape or another and, as a result, we can feel uncertain, thrown off balance and uneasy in certain situations.

A great way to deal with this is to learn how to run your own brain and influence the feelings and physical sensations in your body...NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), is, in my opinion, the easiest and most powerful and practical way of doing this.

Here are some lessons and articles on running your brain and developing powerful feelings in your body:

Again these articles are a great start, however if you want to make be lead through these powerful techniques by a professional therapist & coach check out The People's coach guide to Social Confidence CD Kit.

Step 4 : Dramatically Improve your Social Skills...

This one is actually a lot more important than you maybe first think. A lot of the time people feel socially anxious because they are plunged into a situation where they don't have the skills or strategy to effectively deal with it. This then, in turn, kicks in the fear that something might happen for them to experience a drop in social value (embarrassment, shame, failure, rejection or some other name you might give it).

By dramatically improving your level of social skill you start to feel a tremendous sense of confidence that only comes through competence and skill. Check out these articles on advanced Social & Communication Skills.

These articles are full of great information, however if you want to make be lead through these powerful techniques by a professional therapist, coach and social expert check out The People's Coach Guide To Social Confidence Boot Camp.

Step 5 : Gain as much experience as possible...

At the end of the day what seals the deal is experience. Having went through the first four steps it will, of course, be much easier to put yourself in situations that provide you with this vital experience. The key is to put yourself in as many different types of social situations as possible. this will give you a wide range of experience that will prove invaluable and make it so that there are very few situations that you don't feel comfortable in.

This obviously takes time and I'd recommend that you take a systematic approach. Break things down into small chunks and employ the strategy where by you do something each day that is a little bit uncomfortable without being overwhelming.

For a more detailed lesson on this approach check out the following lesson:

To find out more about how you can become supremely confident and skilled around people check out The People's Coach Guide to Social Confidence CD Kit on Digital Download.

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