A Combination of One to One Coaching, Social Skills Training & Social Experience. A Life Changing Experience...

What is The Guide to Social Confidence Boot Camp?

The Guide to Social Confidence Boot Camp is our premium product. Through a combination of One to One Coaching, Advanced Social skills Training and Social Experience you will find yourself advancing significantly in all aspects of Social Confidence.

Set over several months, The Social Confidence Boot Camp can be experienced both in small groups or one to one and is a truly life changing experience. It is tailor made to suit your individual needs and is suited to both genders. While anyone will benefit from a massive boost in Social Confidence, the following people tend to enrol on our Boot Camp:

  • Those who are Socially Anxious
  • Those who are shy
  • Those who would like more Self Confidence
  • Those who want to attract a partner
  • Those who feel they lack Sophisticated Social Skills
  • Those who want to significantly expand their social circle
  • Those who have suddenly become single after a long term relationship
  • Those who would like to connect and relate with others at a deep level
  • Those who are already confident but would like to become significantly more confident

So How does the Social Confidence Boot Camp work?

The Social Confidence Bootcamp consists of four elements:

  • One to One Coaching
  • Social Skills Training
  • Social Experience
  • Study Material

One to One coaching...

You will receive expert one to one coaching from one of Scotland's leading NLP Coaches, Trainers and Hypnotherapists, Steven Burns. Steven will help you breakthrough the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that have stopped you from being as Socially Confident as you can be in your past. Through a powerful combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), traditional coaching and some hypnosis Steven will help you transform your attitude that will result in you becoming supremely confident, comfortable in who you are and attractive from the inside out.

Steven has over 10 years experience as a coach, therapist and trainer and has spent the last two years of his life researching social anxiety, shyness, social confidence, social skill and the dating scene. As such he is uniquely positioned to help you overcome your challenges and embrace your own sense of natural confidence.

Social Skills Training...

During this section of the Boot Camp you will learn some advanced Social Skills. It's one thing to be confident, it's another to be skilled in how to interact and relate with different types of people. In any walk of life this is tremendously important. Whether it be at work, with friends, meeting new people or attracting a partner the level of success you achieve is directly influenced by your level of interpersonal skills.

During the Social Confidence Boot Camp you will go deep into this subject learning some hugely powerful and useful skills that will set you out amongst everyone else when it comes to Social Communication. Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to relate and connect with people effortlessly
  • How to generate attraction
  • How to deal with different types of people
  • How to do small talk
  • How to talk in groups
  • How to intuitively know what other people are thinking and feeling
  • Advanced Influence & Persuasion skills

Social Experience...

Essentially this is where the real change occurs. Rather than just confining the changes to the coaching room we will actually go out and socialize together, learning in situ, so to speak. This is one of the main reasons why you will experience such a powerful shift in the way that you feel about yourself and around people. As well as expert coaching and social skills training, you will actually go out with Steven and experience a wide range of social situations, deeply integrating the learning's that you have learned during the coaching sessions. Some of the social situations you will experience are:

  • Socialising with large groups of strangers
  • Socialising with small groups of strangers
  • Socialising one to one
  • Meeting and attracting members of the opposite sex (optional depending on whether you are single or not)
  • Socializing with people who already know each other

All this will be done discreetly and Steven will be with you every step of the way, giving you expert advice, coaching and demonstrations. This truly is an amazing experience that will help you significantly in both your personal and professional lives.

Study Material...

As well the coaching, social skills training and social experience, you will receive intermittent study material to accelerate your learning. The material is extremely high quality and will be unique to your own challenges and areas you would like to develop.

I would like to know more...

The Boot Camp takes place over 3 to 4 months (approx) and can be done in groups or one to one. If you are interested in finding out more fill out our enquiry form and a member of our team will get in touch within the next 48 hours.

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