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Our mission is to help as many people as possible banish social fears, social anxiety & shyness and become supremely confident from the inside out.

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We offer three different types of advice & help

We have a whole host of World Class Coaches & Trainers who have generously contributed some fantastic free audio, visual and written material to the Guide to Social Confidence project.

As well as our free advice we have some high quality products to help you go from being socially anxious, nervous and shy to relaxed, confident and socially skilled.

The one to one boot camp is our premium product. A truly life changing experience, you will receive expert one to one coaching, social skills training and then go out into the world with to test all the amazing breakthroughs you've made.

How will the Guide help with Social Anxiety & Confidence?

The Guide to Social Confidence goes way beyond just a treatment for Social Anxiety. One of the main reasons that people struggle and often fail to overcome social anxiety is that their whole aim is to 'not feel bad' or 'not feel anxious' around people in certain situations. Rather than focus on and learn how to do what they really want...To be confident, comfortable and competent around people.

The problem with most social anxiety programmes out there is that they operate from the mind set that just because you feel unnecessarily anxious around people that means you are in some way 'broken'. In fact even calling Social Anxiety a 'disorder' implies that you are in someway a faulty human being. This is simply not true...The reason The Guide to Social Confidence is so effective is that it operates from the opposite mind set. The mindset that you are in fact working perfectly...You're just working perfectly in the wrong direction. You are a well oiled machine, you do your fears and anxieties exceedingly well and all you really have to do is to learn how to do something else...something that will help you feel blissfully comfortable and skilled around need to learn Social Confidence.

It's kind of like a muscle...up until now you've been using and strengthening the wrong set of muscles. You've bee doing it well but it hasn't been working for you...Well now it's time to start using the ones that really work to get you where you want so that there's no longer any need to use the old ones...

That's where The Guide To Social Confidence comes in. Utilising the latest psychological change tools and social communication skills you will find yourself building your Social Confidence muscle. With the help of professional therapists, world class coaches and leaders in their field, you will find yourself making the changes on the inside and building the neural pathways and connections in your brain that will result in you becoming more and more confident, competent and attractive around people as each day passes.

How will the Guide help with Dating?

We all know at least one person (usually a lot more) who is not classically good looking but is still tremendously attractive. We often describe these people as just having 'Something about them'. A mysterious quality that draws you in and makes you want to know more about them and spend time with them. The really good thing is we all have 'This mysterious something' and The Guide to Social Confidence is designed to naturally bring this out.

While obviously what someone finds attractive varies from person to person, there are certain vibes that are universally attractive...Vibes that exist in everyone of us...we just don't always notice them because of all the day to day distractions, anxieties and fears. Through a combination of free world class advice and high quality products The Guide to Social Confidence will help you clear away all these distractions and bring out your own personal attractive you so that you start to draw the people you really want into your life whether that be dating or elsewhere...

So if you want to be Supremely Confident, Socially skilled and Attractive from the inside out...

The People's Coach Guide to Social Confidence is the product for you...

About Social Anxiety and Social Phobia

Many people today experience negative feelings when they find themselves in situations where they have to deal with strangers or members of the opposite sex. These feelings may result in an inability to relax, a lack of self worth and underlying social anxiety situations will bring to the fore. There have been numerous attempts to deal with this problem over the years but many of them proved to be ineffective for the majority of sufferers.

The main stumbling block for a lot of people is that when they look for types of social anxiety therapy that will help them overcome their fears, they are led to believe they have something inherently wrong with them. When the problem is approached as a set of behavioural patterns that are learned over time it is possible, with Neuro Linguistic Programming, to offer a shyness and social anxiety cure, assisting people in overcoming it.

Taking the Plunge

As with many issues that people face, the most important step in solving them is the very first. Seeking help is a positive move and, coupled with the realisation that you are not suffering from an incurable disease and that there are social anxiety disorder treatment options that really work, you can start to tackle the symptoms that are interfering with your daily life with renewed hope.

The People's Coach Guide to Social Confidence is offered as a CD course that encapsulate the methods that people who have a social phobia events make worse, have found helped them the most. As they can be listened to in the comfort of your own home, they are a good way to begin the recovery process and have helped many people boost their self-confidence and improve romantic relationships. They offer real help for social anxiety sufferers and provide the support that they need.

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